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 Random Spam Rules

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PostSubject: Random Spam Rules   Fri Jun 05, 2009 6:33 pm

Here's a list of rules for random spam

1: There are no rules with the exception of : no posting warez/porn or pure crap.
posting spam and useless discussions is fine, going off-topic as well, flaming too, etc... but posting pure crap isn't.
Pure crap is defined as: posting empty topics, empty replies, one letter topics with no valid post , posting images that are way to big, copy/pasting non meaningful text over and over, making topics unreadable by breaking the forum style, etc...

2: Don't double/triplepost on purpose

3: Not really a random spam related rule but: You are allowed to 'bypass' wordfilters here, but do that outside of random spam and get an instant ban!

4: also a rule for the whole forum: Don't tell invisible users they are invisible or talk back to them

remember that there's no rules so there's also no rules for me. I can warn/ban you if I feel like it or edit your posts into something completely unrelated
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Random Spam Rules
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