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 [New Here?]The guide to a DF Section Newb

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PostSubject: [New Here?]The guide to a DF Section Newb   Fri Jun 05, 2009 5:51 pm

1).-What is a trainer?
2).-Where Do I find Trainers?
3).-Which is the best trainer
4).-Some error is happening to me.
5).-How do I know the swf changed?

II.-Custom Material

1).-How do I load custom weapons?
2).-What is that strange code they are writing in a box with green font?
3).-How do I make my own custom material or weapons?
4).-Tips for custom Weapons

III.-How not to be flamed or not being a noob/newb

1).-Basic Tips
2).-Why do people flame me because I'm a newb?
3).-why i are considarez n00b i has nothing wrong


1).-What is a variable?
2).-What is a SWF
3).-Why do people flame me for using CE?
4).-Never use this words

V.-Dragonfable typical problems

1).-I got an error that says that my account will be recorded.That means I'm banned?Plz help
2).-What is a cap?
3).-Why if I have temp DA hack I cant access DA quests or DA areas?
4).-Is there a DC hack?Cause I heard there was one.
5).-Why do people think that I will be banned if I post my char page?
6).-Why my custom items do not stay when I put them in my inventory?Neither my bag slots.
7).-Is there a gold hack?

VI.-Okay Understood


What is a trainer?

R=A trainer is a program that lets you hack the variables of the game without the use of CE or any other programs.Generally the good trainers are made in Flash but you can also make trainers in Visual Basics 06 or 2008 and its way easier than doing it in flash.

Where Do I find Trainers?
R=Generally in the Megathread you can find them but some are outdated so make sure to update the SWF every time they update it.The trainers that aren't outdated or semi-outdated have auto update swf so you don't have any trouble finding it.

Which is the best trainer?
R=DF Unlimited,by Iagucool,which is the best trainer we have and for that reason its private.Notice that if you ask to be recommended for DF unlimited you might be blacklisted and you dont want that so earn it by contributing and helping people and getting known in the section.
Also you can useSDDF Trainer made by slappy.Really nice and its like DFU
But if you really want another good trainer you should useCrAsH OVeRiDE Which is easy and fast to use.

Some error is happening to me.
R=Be sure to have the following stuff before posting you have a problem:
.Net Framework 3.5-This is because many trainers need some applications that need .Netframework 3.5 to work.
Flash player 9-Thats because trainers are made in flash 9 and flash 10 doesnt let them work sometimes so be sure to have it.
Missing VB files-This may also be a reason that some trainers may not be working.
And to know the swf is updated.
Please be sure you have all of this before posting a topic it doesn't work.

How do I know the swf changed?
R=Sometimes your trainer will have a red screen and will not load,that means that the bitches of AE updated it.You can know the new swf by going to the main page but that would be a waste of time so our friend NoManchesPuto made a program which tells you the swf.
You can download it Here
II.-Custom Material
How do I load custom weapons?
R=The trainer of slappy has the swf needed to load them but if you dont like his trainer you can use the XLS item loader 3.0 which uses XML data so you can load your custom weapons.
You can find it here:
XLS item loader 3.0
You dont know how to use it?
Heres a Youtube video:
What is that strange code they are writing in a box with green font?
R=You mean this?
<cItem CustomItemID="1" strItemName="Frostmourne" strItemDescription="Runeblade of Ner'zhul, the Lich King. [Designed by Sunderland]" intBonus="10" intRarity="1000" intLevel="40" strType="Melee" strCategory="Weapon" strElement="Ice" strEquipSpot="Weapon" strItemType="Sword" strFileName="" strIcon="sword" intStr="10" intDex="10" intInt="11" intLuk="6" intCha="2" intEnd="10" intMin="71" intMax="79" intDefMelee="10" intDefRange="10" intDefMagic="10" intCrit="8" intParry="3" intDodge="2" intBlock="5" strResists="Darkness,150" />

Thats a XML code!
A XML is The Extensible Markup Language
The Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a general-purpose specification for creating custom markup languages.It is classified as an extensible language, because it allows the user to define the mark-up elements. XML's purpose is to aid information systems in sharing structured data, especially via the Internet, to encode documents, and to serialize data; in the last context, it compares with text-based serialization languages such as JSON and YAML.

Thanks to that coding language we can use our custom material and load different things.
How do I make my own custom material or weapons?
R=Many newbs use or Photoshop.
This programs work with pixels and dragonfable is not made in pixels,is made in something called vector.
Vector is to draw freely without the use of squares(pixels).
So dont use Photshop or anything realted with pixels.Instead use Flash CS3 or CS4 and Sothink SWF quicker which are very useful.Also see the following tutorials made by our community:
Make your own custom weapon!-By Andrei
Creating Custom Weapons-5025(Advanced)
Mark's How To Shade
Tips and info for custom Weapons
R=Well there is no answer here but anyways.
Try to always shade the weapons and try to add a light source.
For a good lighting/shading tutorial go to this link:

III.-How not to be flamed or not being a noob/newb
Basic Tips
R=Always try to post with a decent and good grammar.If you see you really suck at grammar get Firefox 3 which has a grammar corrector,just like in Office Word.
Also never flame anybody with bad grammar or you will be flamed and they will laugh at you like this guy:
mortal wrote:
im probly older then you, more smarter, and equipt with knowlage of scamming (used to do it myself)...

Also try to be nice with everyone.
Why do people flame me because I'm a newb?
R=Becuase newbs do not know anything and as people know they hate who dont know so if you study this Im almost sure you will not be a newb

why i are considarez n00b i has nothing wrong
R=You need to get a better grammar and do not talk like that.Otherwise they will tell you noob and hate you for life.Also do not add an e to every word that ends with consonant.
I was making some custome armours the other day with my friendes but then a monstere attacked us!
You will look like a newb and noob.
Also dont tell people they have a bad grammar if you have a bad grammar.
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[New Here?]The guide to a DF Section Newb
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